virtual horses.

Save the future of the horse population in this competitive online horse game.

  • Total Players: 7,229 (0 online now)
  • Total Purebred Horses: 159,761
  • Total Crossbred Horses: 25,703

Earth’s horses are disappearing - Can you help?

A new virus is wiping out horse populations all over the world, and scientists at Eqcetera desperately need your help. Eqcetera's unique ecological location has kept it safe from the spread of the virus. So in a mad dash to preserve the world’s equine bloodlines, horses from all over the globe have been shipped to Eqcetera for safekeeping and breeding.

Eqcetera needs your help to repopulate the Earth with the healthiest, most “perfect” specimens of every horse breed on Earth. The closer your horses are to “breed standards,” the more successful the horse repopulation effort will be!

Breed the Best

Who says nobody's perfect? Strategically pair your horses to reach “breed standard” perfection in their foals.

Realistic Genetics

Real-life genetic combinations maximize the mystery of breeding. What gorgeous colors and rare patterns will your foals inherit?

Manage Your Estate

Expand your estate and boost your chances of bringing home trophies! Board and train other players’ horses for extra points.

Friendly Community

Lifelong friends are made in our very active community of horse enthusiasts. Every corner of the globe chats here!

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